All school life, curricular and extracurricular, is planned to be a workshop for the Holy Spirit. All children are special creations of God, with varying talents and abilities. They should be encouraged to develop all of their God-given talents to the best of their abilities and to become active participants. Through participation, they should learn dedication, cooperation, and commitment to goals. Our children should learn to function as part of a group, realizing that God has given each person certain talents and abilities, and that each is able to contribute to the group goal. A group goal should always be to succeed. But in all that we do, let us keep achievement or lack of achievement in perspective. There is only one race in which winning is essential. God sponsors it!

Coaches and advisors should teach the basic rules, skills, and strategies of the activity, good sportsmanship, Christian life in actions toward others, teamwork and cooperation, and foster individual participation as much as possible, as far as the group goals allow.

Academic activities include Math Meet, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Battle of the Books, V.O.I.C.E., Drama Club, Newspaper, Student Council and other academic meets. Piano, Band, and Orchestra lessons are also available during the school day. (Not all activities are for all grades.)

Athletic activities include the following sports for the grades indicated:

Fall Soccer: Boys (5 - 8)
Volleyball: Girls (5 – 8)
Cross Country: Boys & Girls (4 – 8)
Basketball: Boys & Girls (5 – 8)
Cheerleading: Girls (5 – 8)
Yell Leading: Boys (7 & 8)
Softball: Boys & Girls (6 – 8)
Track & Field: Boys & Girls (5 – 8)
Spring Soccer: Girls (5 - 8)

Exceptions may be made to the grade levels listed when there is a lack of participation for a particular sport.

WLS is a member of the Lake Lutheran Athletic Conference.